Our annual Stewardship Drive is the time when we ask members and friends to affirm and renew their membership and support for the mission of Countryside Church UU (CCUU) for the coming fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). As a free church, our Operating Budget is funded primarily from the contributions of our Members and Friends. Our combined pledges allow us to do the work of CCUU — the worship, music, programs, and resources that allow us to answer the call for love, compassion, reason, and justice.

The winter omicron surge meant that we couldn’t do our 2022-23 stewardship efforts in person. We offered a series of video messages and small groups after services with the goal of being done by March 6. While there are a few more pledges that will trickle in, to date we have received 151 pledges for a total amount of $336,974. Our goal for 2022-23 is to receive 200 pledges for a total amount of $480,000. This amount will allow us to create a budget that will fulfill our mission in the coming year. If you have not yet submitted a pledge for 2022-23, you can do so here.

As a member or friend, we ask that you reflect on what CCUU has meant to you and what your hopes and dreams are for the future. We are extending the stewardship drive a little longer and asking you to dig a little deeper, this time for our future. {Please read the Prez-Trez article about the shortfall for 2022-23 here.} Please know that every additional contribution, no matter how big or small, will help. If you are able to revise your 2022-23 pledge or to make an additional one-time contribution, please let us know that using this form.

Pledges to the operating budget are received with an automatic expiration date of one year. Even if you are currently on Countryside Express, please complete a pledge card or contact the church office to renew your pledge.

Keep Committed, Keep Community, Keep Connected, Keep Courage. . .and Carry on!

Thank you for supporting Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist!

Keep Community and Carry On

All of us, members and friends of Countryside, are part of the CCUU community. It is up to us to be intentional in our connection and to imagine how that connection and our community can grow. Recent times have been challenging, and our bonds of kinship have helped us stay connected as a community.

Keep Courage and Carry On. As our ability to return to the building in full increases, the work of the congregation remains strong and continues to promote our life-sustaining powers and to provide for worship, study, and service. Whether you value our Lifespan Religious Education, kinship groups, our service & outreach, or our multi-platform worship services, CCUU involves every one of us and extends far beyond the church walls. As you reflect on all that is offered at and by CCUU, please remember that it is through your pledge and support that we stay connected and keep our congregation strong.

Please understand that our increased pledges are critical to maintaining our ministries, our building, and a fair salary and benefits structure for our staff. It is essential that we provide our staff just compensation, inflationary increases, and health care coverage that reflects our values. Supporting these goals affirms our commitment to living with intention, widening our circle, and renewing our Faith.

Countryside’s Unitarian Universalist voice of love, compassion, and justice is essential in today’s increasingly divisive world. We need your continued financial support. Please submit your pledge by March 6; links to online & paper pledge forms can be found below.

Pledge with intention. Pledge with courage.

Pledge to keep connected. Pledge to our beloved community.

Aspirations of Membership

As you re-commit to your membership for another year, take time to think about Countryside’s Aspirations of Membership (view the complete text here):

  • Participate in Sunday Services and Congregational Meetings. 
  • Seek out and share opportunities for spiritual, ethical, and meaningful growth. 
  • Engage in congregational projects, programs, or events that reach beyond the church.
  • Engage in congregational projects, programs, or events that support the life of the church.
  • Strive to give 3-5% of my income to support the mission of the church. Generosity is a spiritual practice that allows the individual to become part of a greater good. To be a source of inspiration and spiritual growth for our congregation, to be a voice for the ideals we espouse, and to cover day-to-day expenses of operations requires an enduring financial commitment from each of us. Each member is asked to strive towards the goal of committing 3-5% of their income to help make this possible.
  • Share with others outside the church the value of my membership at Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist. 

Stewardship Messages

(links to come as available)

Remember, your pledge form is due by March 6!

When do I pay?

Your financial commitment, aka pledge, is due by March 6, 2022. Payments begin in the new fiscal year, which starts July 1 and continues through June 30, 2023.

What are my payment options?

You may pay by:

  • Check: You may send your check to the church at 1025 N Smith, Palatine IL 60067
  • Bank transfer or credit card: Use this link to set up your online donation. The link takes you to a secure webpage set up by Vanco, who processes EFT & credit card donations for us. (Please note that the church incurs transaction fees of approx. 3% for credit card transactions.)
  • Securities transfer: If you choose this option, please refer to these instructions and please inform the church office or the Board Treasurer before the transfer occurs.