Speaker: Rev. Dr. C. Scot Giles

Community Minister

Travel Agents for Guilt Trips

We’ve all met them. The people who imply you are blameworthy because you didn’t do what they wanted. Sometimes they win because we feel helpless when confronted with such manipulation. Yet there is a true Unitarian Universalist response, and that is Dr. Giles’s sermon for … read more.

And Lead Us INTO Temptation

Organized Religion is big on the theme of temptation. Certainly, one of the easiest ways to gather a following is to tell people they are blameworthy because they did something they wanted to do you have convinced them is wrong. It isn’t fun to feel … read more.

Unenforceable Rules

Based on an idea from the Stamford University Medical School Forgiveness Project, this sermon by Dr. Giles, our Community Minister, focuses on a mistaken way of thinking that often makes people miserable – trying to enforce unenforceable rules about other people. But once you get … read more.

What Makes You Unique?

We are all different from each other – some more than others – but everyone is different to some degree. Our social instincts may lead us to submerge what is different about us in order to get along with others. But what would happen if … read more.