Countryside’s Social Justice Committee functions as a resource for the action/advocacy of all congregants. All CCUU members and friends involved in social justice of some sort are encouraged to attend the Social Justice Committee meetings for networking, reporting, collaboration, mutual support, education, and celebration.  The Social Justice Committee (SJC) also functions as a connection to our denomination’s state and national social justice organizations, as several of its members will be appointed as liaison to the UU Advocacy Network of IL, UU Prison Ministry of IL, and the national UU Service Committee. Thus, the SJC will be able to encourage CCUU congregants to develop a deeper involvement with our own Unitarian Universalism social justice advocacy networks.  Finally, the Social Justice Committee continues to initiate congregational-wide action, with at least one event per church year.

The CCUU Social Justice Committee Guidebook has been created with the intent that it will provide a variety of involvement options that any congregant will find comfortable for them personally. We want everyone to know that they can be involved at any level and that the Social Justice Committee will be there to provide support, resources, and networking as well as collaboration and celebration.

Interested in joining us? Contact Susan Auld, Theresa Boysen, and Yvette Johnson by emailing

  • Thank You, Theresa Boysen

    We want to thank Theresa Boysen for the work she did in seeking to bring to life a new Social Justice Committee. In addition to stepping up and taking lead on this revised organizational concept, she did it with much grace and thoughtfulness. When Theresa mentioned that this responsibility was “pulling me from my personal practice areas of advocacy,” we realized how right she is to relinquish it.

    Regarding the Social Justice Committee’s re-organized concept itself, we will look at it again. Theresa will continue to oversee all emails that you send to this list. Please continue to communicate through With gratitude to you, Theresa… Yvette Johnson and Susan Auld

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  • Meet & Greet with New Social Justice Chair

    After worship on Aug 21, Aug 28, & Sept 4, our new Social Justice Committee Chair, Theresa Boysen, will be available in Atherton Hall to talk about her hopes for this renewed committee and the many ways in which you could be involved.

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  • You are one ~ what can you do?

    I am only one,

    but still I am one.

    I cannot do everything,

    but still I can do something.

    And because I cannot do everything,

    I will not refuse to do

    the something that I can do.

    ~ Edward Everett Hale

    What is the “something” YOU can do?

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  • Meet Our New Social Justice Chair

    July 13, 2022

    Theresa Tomczak Boysen will be chairing the new CCUU Social Justice Committee (SJC) beginning in September. She has a Master’s Degree in Facilitating Transformative Adult Education, a full-time job in B2B Food Service sales, and will join the faculty of College Unbound this Fall teaching ‘Learning from Experience.’ Her passion is assisting others to find their power, contribution, and voice, which she does through teaching.

    Why does she want to be more involved with CCUU SJC?

    “Well, Lily Tomlin put it best… ‘I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.’ I have a full-time job, a part-time job, a couple of volunteer roles, and a family I love spending time with, but I thought if I carved out some time to coordinate the efforts of our congregation members, maybe more folks may be willing to get involved. Just demonstrating they ...

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  • Endorsed by CCUU Board of Trustees on June 15: A renewed Social Justice Committee replaces the former Social Action Committee

    June 16, 2022

    Why was this necessary?

    The former Social Action Committee was a dynamic part of Countryside Church for many years. With a chair, monthly meetings, and a small committed group of activists, it served the church well in its time. However, in recent years the national landscape changed around it.

    Even before the pandemic, the few who were active in the monthly meetings realized that we could not do most things that the congregation would wish of us. Especially before and after the 2016 election the number of actions demanding involvement seemed overwhelming to a small group. In addition, the organization of the SAC was informal. The chair had no term limits, and other attendees came and went as their interest waxed or waned.

    It’s clear that social advocacy/action cannot be limited to a small, informal committee any longer. The need has become all-encompassing. Given the state of our world and the precarious health of Earth, Unitarian Universalists should understand that our principles call us ...

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