Our Lay Ministry Team supports and expands the Pastoral Care of the called Minister and also serves to strengthen the ties among the members of the congregation through the active embodiment of the spirit of mutual care. We are here for one another.

Lay Ministers are church members who are trained to offer one-to-one caring and support to other church members in times of need including:

  • Spiritual crises;
  • Major life changes, such as the loss of a loved one, loss of employment, divorce, or retirement;
  • Isolation because of age, mobility problems, or for other reasons;
  • Health problems, illness, or hospitalization;
  • Personal life changes.

The Lay Ministry Program is not intended to replace the role of our Minister or of professional counselors. Its intention is to support the pastoral work of the ministerial staff, to be with members during times of need, and to help build a stronger church community.

Everyone is welcome to call the Minister to talk and receive support, guidance, or simply a listening ear. Our congregation is even stronger when we create a strong network of care. Our skilled Lay Ministers are key to that network.

First and foremost, lay ministers offer a “ministry of presence.” They listen, visit, keep in touch, as appropriate to the given situation and the wishes of the member. Lay Ministers may offer support in various ways:

  • Being present with the person;
  • Offering an opportunity to talk;
  • Giving empathy, emotional support;
  • Sharing prayer – silent or spoken – according to the interest of the member;
  • Offering referral to other sources of help;
  • Visiting home/hospital in case of illness, physical challenge, or arrival of a child.

Our Lay Ministers are volunteers, Unitarian Universalists, and dedicated members of this congregation. They are trained laypersons, committed to understanding, spiritual awareness, compassion, open-mindedness, and integrity. They bring skills and life experience to their ministry. They go through an application process followed by a training program, and ongoing support, conducted by Lay Ministers and the called Minister. This deepens their skills to provide Lay Pastoral Care. They are also commissioned by the minister and the larger congregation so that they are recognized and given deeper trust.

Each Lay Minister has her or his own skills and experiences and that may determine who makes a call or builds a support relationship with a member of the congregation.

Lay Ministry is confidential.

Our Minister leads the Lay Ministry Team.

The Lay Ministers are: Ken Bobbe (coordinator), Barbara Griggs, Helen Moore, Joy Simon, Chris Smith, Ellen Vinzani.

The best way to reach out is by phone, rather than email. It is best to leave a message with both Ken and Rev. Hilary to be sure that someone can get back to you in a timely fashion. You may also call any of the other Lay Ministers directly.

Be in touch. Reach out.

Our common care makes our common bond stronger.

We support one another in material ways through our Care Ministry Program.

Care Ministry arranges various sorts of practical support from rides to doctor appointments, meals to periodic snow shoveling.

The entire church membership is encouraged to volunteer to provide whatever service(s) they can.

You can sign up online to help provide care ministry support to fellow congregants. Our Lay Ministry Team coordinates with Care Ministry to refer households when help of a concrete nature is required.

You can contact the Care Ministry through our Lay Ministry Coordinator or the Minister.