Bucking the Patriarchy: Florence Buck

This is an All-Church Service; young people attend worship with their family and do not have religious exploration classes. Florence Buck (1860-1925) was an Educator, Unitarian Minister and Advocate for Women, Children and Those Society Forgot. She advocated for education as the answer for all … read more.

Theology of Dolly Parton

Songteller Dolly Parton describes her theology of faith and living in her lyrics. Said to carry one of the most diverse audience followings of fans, this music maker illustrates values of the Unitarian Universalist Principles throughout her work as well as her business decisions and … read more.

History Remembers CCUU

Being in an interim ministry time is a change to look at where we have been, hold the stories with respect and then keep them in mind as we determine our next steps. Often looking at our past helps us dream our future. Covid has … read more.