Sat., Nov. 12; 7-10 pm

Music with a Mission returns in person at the church this year! It will be a magical night of music and merriment featuring a variety of musical groups, from solo acts to full bands. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Suggested donation is $10 – $30. Beer, wine, and snacks will be available. Proceeds from a 50/50 raffle will be used to pay for critical needs of asylum seekers temporarily housed in the area.

Bring your friends & neighbors! Share this flyer with them.

About Tonight’s Artists (not in order of performance)

Beatles cover band, Liverpool Acoustic, started 14 years ago as a creation of Rob Lane and his sons. As the sons moved away, Rob (vocals&guitar) gathered other talented musicians who shared a love for Beatles music: Matt Bednar (vocals, guitar, bass), Mike Verardi (percussion) and Jeff Phillips (vocals, bass, guitar). Liverpool Acoustic’s goal is to convey the brilliance of Beatles songs by stripping them down to just the vocal and instrumental elements that are performable live.

Michael Lueck, whose stage name is Lucky Love, is a multiple threat, being an actor, photographer, singer, guitarist and songwriter. Lucky is recently back from Los Angeles, where he was pitching his newest songs, which you can hear at

Our house band, Nothing Personal, features CCUU member Jeff Phillips and UU guitarist/vocalist Steve Ginensky. Founding member John Pasternack plays keyboards, along with Tim Gackle (vocals&drums) and newest member, his daughter Devin Gackle (vocals&guitar). Nothing Personal’s cover songs draw equally from this century and last, featuring songs that demand a high degree of precision musicianship, intensive vocal harmonies and deep, solid

AJ Rosales, Singer/Songwriter, just released his fifth album, Manifestations, impressing critics and getting radio station airplay. He refers to his rhythmic style of guitar playing as “progressive acoustic.” You may hear shades of Cat Stevens, Pete Townshend, Robert Fripp, Bob Mould and Nick Drake in his music.

The Spleens started at a CCUU event, at which they received their name (it’s a long story). You probably know lead singer, Chaz Ruhl, from the CCUU choir, along with bass player and vocalist, Jeff Phillips. Gregg Szczesny completes this trio, bringing his expert guitar playing and vocals to this small-but-powerful group. You can find The Spleens at, or

The Amazing Howe Brothers are Paul Erickson and Steve Ginensky; originally musicians working at the RenFaire as Singers of Love Songs Extraordinaire (emphasis on ‘ordinaire’). As much as they enjoyed the Renaissance, they longed for the light-hearted humor of the Dark Ages, and a comedy team was born (in their mid-twenties at the time, it was apparently too late to smother either of them in the cradle). Regulars on the comedy circuits of the Midwest, they performed anywhere they were likely to get a free drink, and occasionally appeared on TV and Radio-most notably on the Midnight Special. Some decades later, Paul spends his free time writing book and movie parodies, and Steve can generally still be found near any free beer that happens to be in the area. 

Basement Rock Stars are songwriters just now emerging from the basement, and onto the public stage! Founders Norm Margalit (vocals&drums) and Mike Paolella (vocals&guitar) have been creating songs together for seven years, since realizing that they could write songs that were as good as the cover songs their band was playing. Three years ago, they added Jeff Phillips on bass, then Jeff nominated CCUU veteran, Steve Hodges, as lead guitarist. BRS will be presenting a world premiere song tonight, called “Uncle Red’s Open Mic.”

Singer/Songwriter Vince Foss has been playing guitar and singing to crowds since age 9. He is currently 1/3 of the acoustic cover band The Three Beards, and is an open-mic host at Happy’s General Store in Cary. He has been playing covers with the Beards for the last 14 years, and in the last three years has been writing his own songs, which he’s sharing with us tonight.


Event Directors:

  Christine Organ: Outreach Steering Committee Chair

  Judy Ball and John Evans: Bar Organizers and Captains

  Mari Van Meter: Setup and Decorations

  Nancy Dempsey: Refreshments, Tickets, Communications

  Jeff Phillips: Producer, Talent and Tech Director, Emcee

And their marvelous volunteer crews:

Décor: Pat Wydell, Lois Phillips, Ed Monson, Sue Montgomery, 

Media: Mari Van Meter and Susan Auld (publicity), Barrie Barr and Émilie Chen (photography)

Snacks: Tom Dempsey, Lois Phillips, Peggy Simonsen, Mary Ellen Heelan, Cindy Thornton, Julie Zuidema-Evans, Mari Van Meter, Lisa Gilley, Marie Mauter, Christine Organ, Carol Bobbe, Ellen Vinzani

Tickets: Marie Mauter, Janet McDonnell, duRee Bryant

Bartenders (and beer/wine donations): Leslie Peet, Mike Calwas, Ellen Vinzani, Julie Zuidema-Evans

Sound: Pete Lipa

Clean-Up: Ed Monson, Lois Phillips, Tom Dempsey… and all those who pitch in to help at the end of the event, without being asked!

Proceeds provide critical funds to our three local service partners – Partners for Our Communities, Faith in Place, and Chalice House (a shared project with Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants). 

Partners for Our Communities (POC)

POC is a designated Illinois Welcoming Center. POC provides linguistically & culturally sensitive case management and service coordination for individuals & families who identify as immigrants. Our goal is to help individuals and families secure services needed to become socially & economically self-sufficient in Illinois. This is achieved through case management and educational workshops.

Chalice House (in partnership with Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants)

Chalice House is a coalition of support for families and/or individuals navigating the U.S. asylum process. In this shared project, the Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants (ICDI) provides social services and support, while Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist and its partners provide housing and hospitality in a home owned by Countryside in Palatine, Illinois. We are preparing to welcome our second family to Chalice House this fall.

Faith in Place

In addition to a suite of environmental justice and advocacy programs, funds raised for Faith in Place are used to support its Eco-Ambassador and Earth Ally Program, in which youth in the Northwest Suburbs learn about environmental justice, green space, toxic sites in their neighborhood, and how to contact their state representatives.

To learn more about our Service Partners, click here.