Open Forum Discussion

Date(s) - 03/19/23
9:00 am - 10:00 am


Please join us Sunday mornings at 9 am to discuss “the issues of the day” while respectfully welcoming different perspectives. See the weekly e-updates or monthly Focus newsletter for details.

Our Open Forum Covenant: In the Open Forum Discussion, we agree to discuss the issues of the day honestly and respectfully, welcoming the diversity of views that may be expressed on any given topic.

Some elaboration on our covenant: The “issues of the day” are the issues we choose to discuss, which often have some connection to current events, including political, local, national, and world events, or otherwise newsworthy events, but which also sometimes include more personal or philosophical topics. In our discussions, we welcome disagreement about topics, but we do not welcome criticism of other participants’ motives, character, knowledge, or wisdom.