We are grateful for ongoing and additional support  from members and friends of Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist. To sustain our programs and our staff, to strengthen infrastructure, to offer a richness of familiar services, to strengthen our presence in a fractured world, and to innovate new ways of connecting, we hope that you will extend support to CCUU.  Whether you are member or friend, pledger or regular contributor, or someone who never before realized how much you need the kind of connection, principles, support, ethics, and vision that CCUU and Unitarian Universalism offer — we welcome any gift you can give.

To make a donation to Countryside Church UU, you may click on the Donate Now button to give by credit card or bank transfer or:

  • Send a check to 1025 N Smith Rd, Palatine IL 60067. If the check is for a specific purpose, please indicate that on the memo line. If no memo is included, the payment will be applied to your pledge, if you have made one, or to general operating funds or plate cash if there is no pledge on file.
  • Give by Text: text XX to 847-973-7344, where XX is the amount to be contributed. If you have made a pledge to the CCUU Operating Fund, we will apply your text donation to your pledge unless otherwise indicated. If you have not pledged, the donation will be applied to general plate cash unless otherwise indicated. *If you need to change your text-to-give info on file (e.g. in the case of a changed credit card), text EDIT to 847-973-7344 and you will be sent a link to update your information.
  • Donate via bank transfer or credit card: Use this link to set up your online donation. The link takes you to a secure webpage set up by Vanco, who processes EFT & credit card donations for us.
  • Paying by Donation of Stock: If you would like to pay your pledge or make a donation of any kind by donating stock, please refer to these instructions. Also, please inform the church office or the Board Treasurer when you have donated stock, so we will know to expect it and will know who the donation is from—the check we receive from the securities company does not indicate the name of the donor.

Need a statement of the contributions you’ve made?

We send calendar year statements in January each year and fiscal year statements approximately quarterly. You can check your contributions or print a giving statement anytime using these instructions.

Thank you for your generosity!