Countryside Church (CCUU) is a not for profit corporation owned and run democratically by its members. The congregation calls Minister(s), establishes an annual budget, but delegates much of the operational responsibilities to a Board of Trustees and supporting committees. The Board hires staff and empowers committees to see to much of the operational work of the church in areas such as membership, finances, and facilities.

Board of Trustees: July 2022 – June 2023

  • President: Tom Dempsey, prez [at] ccuu [dot] org
  • President-elect: Lisa Gilley
  • Vice President: Pat Harrington Wydell
  • Secretary: Daniel Yokas
  • Treasurer: Debbie Lee
  • Trustee: Susan Auld
  • Trustee: Emilie Cheng
  • Trustee: Jerome McDonnell
  • Trustee: Tim Reuter-Bowers
  • Trustee: Denise Sepos