Author: Denise Cawley

Summer Worship Proposals Now Being Accepted

The Worship Council and Rev. Denise want to help you have an amazing Summer of Worship. July and August are a time we often hear from YOU about what you want to present in a worship service. Consider that worship is different from “speeches” or … read more.

From Our Minister: Love in Transition

March 1, 2023

Yesterday, the staff and I had our final staff lunch with Mary Shelden. It was a day full of the fun conversations, the heaviness of goodbye, and the continuation of church business. In the last month since Mary announced she would be moving … read more.

Consider a Reflective Time for UU Lent

If you are like me, hearing that UUs could have LENT might be shocking. I was shocked when I first heard of this way of both honoring where our spiritual ancestors came from and also holding that philosophically and theologically a time of reflection for … read more.

Invitations to Deepen Your Learning Regarding Racism

As you prepare for a called minister, consider that the diversity of ministers who are coming into congregational leadership and parish ministry. When I left seminary, my last classes had more people who held marginalized identities (including but not limited to: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and … read more.

Interim and Transitions FUN

Join us February 19 after service for another all-church conversation about stories we recall about Lifespan Religious Education, affinity groups, and our favorite clubs in our history. Bring your stories and your memories and think about things you loved or used to do. CCUU dedicates … read more.

Chancel News & Gratitude!

Have you noticed the look of our pulpit podium on the chancel? It has had a facelift! Huge thanks to Lois Phillips for transforming the look to make it reflect the church décor. Plus, she and Jeff Phillips changed the angle of the pulpit itself … read more.