Author: Denise Cawley

Mark Your Calendar: Interim Transitions Meetings

In 2023, I hope you are ready to build more community. We start off our Interim Community building Sessions on Sunday January 8 after service with Reflecting on CCUU Stories – all members are encouraged to attend, regardless of the length of time you have … read more.

Christmas Letter from Rev. Denise

Dear ones:

As I sit under my Christmas trees, I am thinking of you and all you have endured with Covid shutdowns, our world casting doubt on democracy’s success, climate warming, water being sold like real estate, and the many changes you and your loved … read more.

So Many Holidays of Light

We are working hard to lift-up so many seasons of light this year. I do believe worship should be shared and involving more people is a lot of fun. It makes worship more complicated to plan and I am appreciative of all the ways so … read more.

Are You Missing Something?

It is so important to stay connected to the community that you are a member of. One way you can support us is to read things we send, bring curiosity by asking questions, and engage. These are ways we steward our organization.

We are all needed … read more.

From Our Interim Minister: Article 2 Update

Dec 1, 2022


By now perhaps you’ve learned that the UUA, the association of congregations that we are a member of, has Bylaws that guide our practices across our congregations and our faith movement. The UUA Bylaws themselves require us to review and revise a section … read more.

Time of Mourning

Nov 22, 2022

UUA LGBTQIA+ Time of Mourning ~ All Are Welcomed

Tues, Nov 22; 3 pm Central Time

On Saturday, on the eve of Transgender Day of Remembrance, there was a mass murder at Club Q in Colorado Springs. We are reminded yet again of the violence aimed at … read more.

Holiday Plans Afoot

We are all working on holiday and end of the year plans at CCUU. This year, both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are Sundays. Historically, few UU congregations hold services on Christmas Day.

Christmas eve, we will hold our traditional service at 4:30pm. We assume … read more.

What If We Counted on Change?

November 2022

Our UU faith calls us to be curious. The search for truth and meaning is not a place we arrive at, but an endless practice of curiosity. Change is the one thing we can count on. Change often brings discomfort but what if instead … read more.

Courage in the Month to Come

October 3, 2022

This month started off with the courage to share feelings and why it can make a huge difference in your life. I hope to see feelings wheels at every meeting and to hear that several of you have taken them to family gatherings. … read more.