Author: Board President

Getting Ready for the Search Committee

March 10, 2023

We are in the first stage of assembling a Search Committee for a new settled minister.  In the next few weeks, church members can expect a call from a Board member asking your suggestions for this important function.  We are trying to assemble a team … read more.

From Our Board Prez & This Month’s Unsung UU

March 2023

This time of year is always one of the busiest. Our stewardship campaign is in full swing. We are about to begin the process for identifying our Search Committee for a new settled minister. We are knee-deep in the Interim Ministry process. We have … read more.

From Our Board Prez: A Future with Hope

Feb 5, 2023

Dear Fellow Countrysiders,

As we kick off our 2023 campaign “A Future With Hope,” I realize that you will have a great deal of information coming your way in multiple formats. Some of you will review every bit while others will be challenged … read more.

Getting Ready for the Search Committee

Jan 30, 2023

The efforts in forming the committee to search for a new settled minister will be kicking off this spring. There will be 5 members of the search committee who are nominated and elected from the Congregation and 2 additional members appointed by the … read more.

From Your Board Prez: Supporting Countryside & Unsung UU

February 1, 2023

Being a modern guy, I have been hearing a lot about ChatGPT. So with the Stewardship campaign right around the corner, I asked the A.I. why someone like me should be supporting Countryside. Here’s the response, unedited by me:

Giving to Countryside Church Unitarian … read more.

From the Prez and the Trez: Winter 2022 Edition

November 28, 2022

Here’s the winter edition of our quarterly letter designed to keep you informed and involved in our finances. Often, these columns deal with financial transparency and hone in on the costs of salaries, building and utilities. This month, we want to also consider … read more.

From Our Board President: Welcome, Soundtrack, Unsung UU

November 2022

When there is a “Prez and Trez” column, I keep this one short.


I was happy to attend the “Path to Membership” session on November 20. This very well-organized class is led by Tom McTavish. It’s inspiring to meet with new members and think of … read more.

In Appreciation and Gratitude

Nov 2022

Saying “goodbye” to Kathi Hillyer this past week was difficult. Kathi has been a member here for eleven years. During that time, she was active in many functions, a harmonious voice in the choir, the music librarian, and a valuable church leader. She was … read more.

From Your Board President

October 2022

Thanks go out to all of the members who conducted summer services.  The depth and breadth of the topics was impressive with attendance to match.  We’ve rolled that enthusiasm into the new church year with our first month of services with Rev. Denise.   It’s … read more.