Getting Ready for the Search Committee

March 10, 2023

We are in the first stage of assembling a Search Committee for a new settled minister.  In the next few weeks, church members can expect a call from a Board member asking your suggestions for this important function.  We are trying to assemble a team of people with diverse life experiences and connections to the congregation who can represent us faithfully and well to applicant ministers. We need people who are good listeners, work well with others, and can represent the whole congregation (not just one aspect of our ministry). We encourage you to think about members with whom you have had positive interactions, especially if they’re not the same folks who volunteer for leadership positions year after year. It’s important that they don’t have a controlling agenda or an axe to grind. The team will consist of five people nominated and elected by the Congregation and two more appointed by the Board.

Each Board member has 18 calls to make, so please make it easy for them to reach you.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness and your participation.

~ CCUU Board of Trustees