Giving Tuesdays – It’s Not Too Late

Hello Countryside!

I hope your holidays are magical. I know when we wrapped up the service on Christmas eve and then watching the story program on Christmas day, I felt a lot of magic and gratitude about working with you all. Thank you.

Like I shared in the the postcard I sent, the chalice was overflowing with symbols of our beliefs and lots of hearts representing the kindness of our community. You warm my heart. Love of community feels like something to celebrate now more than ever.

At CCUU, we are on a lifelong journey of learning to love fully. We need your help to fund our mission, now and every season. Thank you to those who already gave to the Giving Tuesdays campaign. It really helps.

If you have not given yet – there is still time. We won’t be back at the office tallying the Giving Tuesday until January 2, 2023. Donation information is included below.

The title of the art I made for you is called Many Paths to Love. Our chalice is overflowing in love, and you are all part of creating the love. What you bring with your whole beings, histories, identities, and cultures along with what we use for inspiration, learning and expression are all many paths to love.

During the next couple months, we will build on a theme of Love in Transition using Emergent Strategies. If you are the type that likes to study new concepts, check out the book Emergent Strategies and anything that adrienne maree brown writes. She has a lot of podcasts out there too. (she spells her name with lower case letters.)

As we launch into 2023, I will be speaking about learnings from our natural world. Nature can be our guide.

Our journey offers many opportunities for us to grow and expand. It will not always be easy, but this is your congregation, and we are all here to work together to build Unitarian Universalism because it is a life-saving faith. I have witnessed it save lives and I bet some of you have too. Funds fulfill our mission. We are often the training ground for exchanging ideas about ways we can heal ourselves, heal our earth and expand our minds. This is the season of giving and growing love.

Please join the Board and me in giving to this congregation an end-of-the-year financial gift. People who contributed already have given amounts between $10 and $2000 to this campaign. We need just under $3K to make our goal of $20,000. Could you contribute an amount meaningful to you by December 31 please? (even if it comes by January 2, 2023, it will count.)

I am grateful to be with you on the journey of emerging, transformational love. I look forward to working on the Interim transformation with you. Our love is needed in this world. Please join me in this adventure of building love and transforming our church to be even more awesome.

Happy Holidays and New Year. I am grateful for you.

Big magic, Reverend Denise

the QR code takes you to our secure donation page

Ways to Donate to the Giving Tuesdays Campaign

  • Send a check to Countryside Church UU (please indicate Giving Tuesdays on the memo) to 1025 N Smith Rd, Palatine IL 60067
  • Use the QR code or go to
  • Text XX TUESDAYS to 847-973-7344, where XX is the amount you would like to contribute. Within a few minutes, you’ll be sent a text with a link to register. [if you are already registered and need to change your giving info, text EDIT to 847-973-7344.]