Spirit of Life Workshop Series

Deepen Your Connections AND Your Spiritual Life in the New Year

Our series, to begin January 15, will offer opportunities for aspiring, new, and experienced members to reflect together on aspects of their life journeys and to explore their Unitarian Universalist theology:

  • Experiences or moments of ‘wow’;
  • Feelings of oneness with the cosmos, the great mysteries, or the divine;
  • Life celebrations and rituals;
  • What calls out for your care and compassion;
  • Connection to and relationship with the earth and our natural environment;
  • The ways you show care, love, and respect – to yourself and others;
  • The roots that ‘hold you close’ and the wings that ‘set you free’;
  • The possibilities for expressing your life purpose.

Each session, drawing on the words of our beloved hymn (#123 Spirit of Life), focuses on a different aspect of your spiritual life and gives you space to listen to the still small voice within you and to share your reflections with others. Activities invite you to give attention to your life and your choices so that you might live with mindfulness and intention. Just as each of us is responsible for discerning our beliefs, we are each responsible for practices that help us to live them.

In our Spirit of Life worship series you will:

  • Become familiar with a broad and inclusive definition of spirituality—one that includes those who do and do not affirm the existence of a supernatural spirit or deity;
  • Evaluate your experiences of the spiritual during turning points in your life and during day-to-day living;
  • Learn methods for being attentive to your spirituality;
  • Discover the variety and value of spiritual practices as means of deepening faith and enhancing quality of life;
  • Practice in speaking and listening with respect and authenticity
  • Deepen your ties with other congregants as you learn more about one another and yourself.

The sessions will be held 11:30am – 1:30pm on these Sundays: January 15, 22, 29; Feb 5, 26. While we hope you will want to join all of them, you can attend just as many as you like. Childcare can be arranged by letting us know your needs.

Register below or reach out to Mary Shelden (dlre@ccuu.org) with questions. Please register on or before January 1.