Sharing Our Love with Our World

Nov 9, 2022

Have you ever wished more folks knew about Countryside? Our faith and our congregation offer a lot that people find solace in, and there are ways we could make it easier for others to find us. While we will never need people to be saved or some of the language used by churches that we may have come from, we do have a community many find life-saving and affirming. Making it easier for people to find our messages is a kindness we can offer. A few simple things you could do to share our message so that people who need it can find us include interacting with us on social media – on Facebook and on Instagram. Please share our social media posts. Comment on them – that helps the algorithms. Share them to your friends. You also could go to our YouTube channel and select “Subscribe.” We are trying to get at least 100 subscribers (we have 50), which will help us to be searchable and to have our sermons and videos easier for others to find. If social media isn’t your thing, maybe it is for someone you love and care about. 

Recently, one member told us that the little cards with the Principles and our contact info on them saved her. It was something she carried in her pocket and put in her wallet and would read at tough times. She knew she wasn’t alone. You never know what small gesture or act might let someone else know about a place that could be essential to their healing.