Holiday Plans Afoot

We are all working on holiday and end of the year plans at CCUU. This year, both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are Sundays. Historically, few UU congregations hold services on Christmas Day.

Christmas eve, we will hold our traditional service at 4:30pm. We assume few of you will head to church the next morning, and both Christmas and New Year’s Day are days our staff are to have off. To celebrate and create something new and special, we are putting together a Holiday Story service with music and stories delivered by our congregants and staff. We will debut the Countryside Christmas Story Hour on December 25. This will be something we can work on ahead of the holiday but enjoy with our cup of cocoa and in our jammies via YouTube.

Rev. Denise is looking for story readers who will record themselves on video reading a story she has for you to share. You can do it alone, with your family or CCUU friends – whatever you like. Readers of all ages are requested to ask RevD for a story and then to video record it. We have directions on how to do it. You can record it at home or on location or at church. We are going to edit these together and unveil the story video on Christmas Day at 10am. You can watch as it is debuted or later. We will send a link out for you to watch. More on that later. For now, we need folks willing to read a story. RevD has dozens of stories collected.

Videos will be due by December 12 to give us enough time to edit them together and upload the Countryside Christmas Stories. Again- request your story today and you will be given text and directions.