Help Us Build an Advent Scene

This year, we will build an Advent Scene together, creating an altar to honor both Christian and Pagan roots of this festival of light. This table covered with lovely fabric has been arranged as an altar by Lois Phillips, this week’s Worship Associate; Mary Shelden, our Lifespan Religious Education Director; and Alison Vernon, our Music Director.  

Each week, we will add little elements, and you are invited to bring something small to add if you like. The goal is not more in excess but a little element you may add if you like each week. We will also have some for a few folks (mostly our kids) to add each week. There will be a moment in the service to add them. You may take personal items back after the Christmas Eve service.

This Sunday, Nov 27, is the first week of advent. Our advent scene starts with the mineral kingdom, the foundation upon which we stand; upon the fabric, we will place beautiful crystals and a few seashells. Do you have elements representing the earth you would like to add? Feel free to bring them this Sunday – real pebbles or a pretty stone, bones perhaps from an animal you found in the woods or a small antler.

To plan for future weeks:

  • 2nd light of advent, Dec 4: Plants – we will add greenery
  • 3rd Light of Advent, Dec 11: Animals – little statues or wood carvings of animals, even animals from a nativity set or lego or playmobil.
  • 4th Week, Dec 18 – figures of the SUN or son child and such, human representatives, shepherds and sheep