From Our Board President: Welcome, Soundtrack, Unsung UU

November 2022

When there is a “Prez and Trez” column, I keep this one short.


I was happy to attend the “Path to Membership” session on November 20. This very well-organized class is led by Tom McTavish. It’s inspiring to meet with new members and think of all of the gifts and talents they will contribute to CCUU. Welcome, all.


The deadline for this column is the day before Thanksgiving. The song that is playing in my head is “I Thank You” by Sam and Dave. No explanation needed.

Unsung UU

Our unsung UU for the month of December is Siri Laurin. Siri is a lifelong UU, and over the past 37 years, she has brought many gifts to Countryside. She has been very involved in membership activities and conducts sessions for new members. She has also been a strong participant in social action. Over the past several years, Siri has coordinated all of our efforts with our grounds and landscaping. Siri coordinates all of the volunteers and arranges the contractors. She also does a tremendous amount of the work herself in all kinds of weather. She obtained a “Master Gardener” certificate. The grounds, the island, and the gardens have never looked better. I’m sure I speak for all of us in extending our gratitude for making our property inspiring and beautiful.

~ Tom Dempsey, Board President,