Courage in the Month to Come

October 3, 2022

This month started off with the courage to share feelings and why it can make a huge difference in your life. I hope to see feelings wheels at every meeting and to hear that several of you have taken them to family gatherings. I have a couple decals of them in my office, but I sometimes think I need the equivalent of a twister board spinner to point to the feeling of the moment.

This month, we will meet two Unitarian Universalist heroes whose courage I think about often: Viola Liuzzo and Rev. James Reeb. The film “Home of the Brave” looks at how conspiracy theories and a smear campaign was developed around Ms. Liuzzo’s death. I will hold a brief chat about her after service on the 9th – bring your coffee and tea and let’s talk – tea with RevD.

You will learn too about Rev. James Reeb whose words always ring true for me today as the day he shared them. We will be hosting a discussion about him and the White Lies podcast from NPR. Watch for dates and details. You can start listening here:

Rev. Pam Rumancik will be taking you on an adventure of welcoming home. Rev. Pam is going to open a conversation around what we can do personally and as a congregation to widen the circle and make that space of home for all seekers on the journey.  Using stories from Sci-Fi genre – she’ll invite us to widen our imaginations and see ourselves and others with new eyes.

Then on the fifth Sunday of the month, we will have a chance to bring some ‘treats’ by sharing canned meat and protein sources like peanut butter to stock the POC Mobile Pantry.

The last Sunday of the month will also mark All Souls and All Saints Days when we will build an altar of flowers, candles, and photos of loved ones and beloved ancestors who have passed on. You will have a chance to place mementos and images building a beloved community of ancestors for us to honor. That will be an all-ages service too. It will be a way to give back and a way to honor who lives in your heart while their body is no more.