Preparation for Sept 18 Worship Service on Spiritual Practice

In preparation for our service on Sunday, Sept 18, please think about what spiritual practices are going to get you through our changing world, interim ministry, the political landscape and ongoing pandemic. What do you do to fill your cup? Staring at screens whether it is television, social media, or other channels, will not hold your soul, bring deep peace or let your mind wander and rest.

Please either draw your own chalice or color the chalice on the next page while listing in the flames things you want to do in this time for spiritual practice. Will it be walking, meditating, coloring, painting, singing, dancing, playing an instrument, doing sit-ups, chopping vegetables, finger labyrinths, knitting, quilting, working out, etc. Not sure what I mean? That is ok, you can bring your chalice ready to decorate to worship on Sunday. You will learn more during our service. This activity is for ALL ages. Not just youth and children. We all need spiritual practice.

What is spiritual practice?

Spiritual practice is an activity where your mind can wander. Where repetition of sound, movement, prayer or meditation can allow your mind to wander. The easiest way to think of this is that the activity is such that it can be done without concentration. Then the spiritual practice is one that can be done repeatedly multiple times a week, to truly benefit.

If you have ever driven somewhere and don’t recall how you got there, you had your first taste of a spiritual practice.

If an idea came to you when you took a shower, gardened, or took a walk on a familiar path, and your mind worked out something you had been concerned about, you experienced the benefit of spiritual practice.

Either print this drawing of a chalice or draw your own. Use your computer or get out your favorite markers. List your spiritual practices in the flames. You can decorate the flames and/or on the base. As you list what you will commit to doing to give yourself the benefit of spiritual practice during this tough time.

Flame 1: Dance party
Flame 2: Basketball or exercise
Flame 3: Mediate for five minutes
Flame 4: Chop veggies or help in the kitchen
Flame 5: Draw or craft
Flame 6: Make bed daily

Put your name on it. Hang it on your fridge or medicine cabinet after you take picture or scan it. Please email it to church or tag us on Facebook. We can also share them in our coffee hour. We would love to show these off. You can also email it to, please.

Any ages welcome. Any ability. Kids who cannot write can have adults help. Teens and youth and elders highly encouraged to do this activity.

Crayons, markers, pens etc. You can do computer graphics – whatever you like. Just let this be a fun exercise for you and your loved ones while you shelter in place. Use this chalice or make your own.

If you would like to see examples, click here.