What Can We Do about Climate Change, part 3: Rooftop Solar Panels

August 3, 2022

Imagine opening your ComEd monthly bill and finding only a minor fee for delivering from the grid. Then pulling your EV out of the garage and “gassing up’ free from the voltage generated on your rooftop by the sun. This is the privileged life of the rooftop solar owner, and it can be yours, too.

What’s involved? First, a solar expert evaluates the pitch of your roof and its exposure to sunlight. Passing that bar, the next steps are qualifying for a loan and applying for a federal tax credit that will drop the cost by 26%. In Cook County, averages for solar are $15,550 for installation, 6.8 years for investment recovery, and $23,600 in savings over 20 years.*

In year 7, then, owners reap the benefits of free electricity for both home and car for the next 13 years. They also take comfort from knowing they’re moving the needle on the U.S. emissions reduction goal for 2030.

*Solar Panels in Cook County, IL: 2022 Guide | EnergySage

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