What Can We Do about Climate Change? Part 2: From Flexitarian to a Plant-Rich Diet

July 27, 2022

Cutting edge cooks now blog and do videos on how to make the meatiest meatballs ever from Crimini mushrooms with meaty umami flavor. Less than 10% of US consumers identify as vegan or vegetarian, yet they follow such bloggers, and they buy meatless meat in accelerating numbers. Now predictions are that MMs will be 10% of the market within a decade. Why? Because they finally have a winning combination: super health benefits and really amazing taste.

Downsides? Yes. Commercial MMs are highly processed and more expensive than meat. Home made products are superior but labor and time intensive. And getting enough protein means knowing how to maximize it in plant rich meals by adding nuts, seeds, and protein drinks.

On the plus side, the beans and veggies in MMs are a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals that meat sorely lacks. Free of animal antibiotics and animal microbes, they promote a life span freer of debilitating ailments. And growing them needs only a fraction of the land needed for livestock, saving space for trees that sequester carbon and cool the planet.

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