Climate Solutions, part 4 ~ The Rest of Us

We’ve seen that the big actors – federal, state and local governments — can make astonishing impacts in mitigating climate change. And that legislation and international pacts can even rid the earth of hydrofluorocarbons.

Yet environmental news feeds encourage us as individuals to lower our own carbon footprints across the nation. They say 330 million people, each making even a small change can build up a mountain of mitigation. And it doesn’t have to be in trading our fossil fuel guzzling auto for an EV or living off the grid in a cabin somewhere in Montana. We humans have thrived on the planet because of our intelligence, creativity, and ability to work cooperatively for the benefit of all. We know how to reduce, reuse and rewrite our ways of behaving.

So check out the Interactive Climate Exhibit in Atherton Hall and weigh in on what you think we small actors can do. Then be prepared for some possible surprises in what the experts say.