Climate Solutions, part 3: The Big Actors

If you think about the really huge changes needed to mitigate global warming — large-scale modifications in the transportation and energy sectors, it stands to reason that big budgets make big impacts.

In Illinois, the multi-billion dollar Reimagining Electric Vehicles Act will push to get locally manufactured electric buses, delivery trucks, 18-wheelers and a million consumer-owned electric cars on the road by 2030.

Higher up the chain, Washington is funding fleets of electric trucks and planes, providing charging stations on 166,000 miles of US highways, and giving tax credits for our solar panels and electric cars on an infrastructure bill budgeted at $1 Trillion.

Yet in order to tackle the Mother Lode of emissions, the chlorofluorocarbon gasses (CFCs) in all refrigerant systems, with 9,000 times more warming effect than CO2, the resources of an international consortium may well be needed.

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