Protein Talks, part 1

We in the U.S. fixate on protein, the hunger filler and muscle builder of the dietary realm. For us, feeling well fed and looking buff are national ideals. And so the hi-pro drink, the meal replacement bar, the steak on the backyard grill. But how much protein do we really need to reach our ideals?

Surprisingly much less than we think, and any surpluses of protein in our bodies can stress both kidneys and colon. Consider the six-ounce steak on the ‘barbie’: at 37 grams of protein, it’s 61% of protein needs for a 170-lb. male who does light-sweat workouts. Add a cheesy baked potato and a roll, and he’s at 80% of RDA. A bowl of hi-pro cereal at breakfast would put his protein count over the top. The excess? Unless worked out at the gym in full out huff-and-sweats, it’s fat storage.

Next week: Think Greener