Green News: Fast for Mother Earth


What better way to fast for Lent than fast for Mother Earth?

Fast from extra energy use by lowering your thermostat to 68 degrees till Easter. Celebrate that you’re now able to wear that bulky sweater you got for Christmas, and enjoy TV under the Navajo blanket your adult daughter got you in Arizona last year.

And why not save the family budget while championing the world? Check in at and discover ways to unplug from excess with minimal effort.

Noteworthy: We’ll soon start fasting from fossil fuels in the air!

United Airlines has made a deal with Heart Aerospace to produce small zero-emissions passenger planes with an 800-mile range that will make short domestic hops as early as 2026. Short flights (500 miles or less) account for half of global transportation, so the shift to electric planes is significant, mirroring that of automobiles and ships.