February 2022

Personal resolutions for the new year are now in the rearview mirror, and we can feel the shift in global consciousness of the earth. From March 19 to May 6, there are five major sacred days or seasons, an Equinox, and Earth Day, all bringing our minds to bear on the global cycle of life. So what can each of us and our families do to honor this time and promote our Countryside UU vision of a sustainable earth?  Here are some good things happening:

Saturday, April 2:  Save the date for an afternoon screening of Kiss the Ground, narrated by Woody Harrelson, on creating a sustainable food production system that regenerates the earth that supports us all.  The screening is planned as in-person, Zoom, or a combination of the two. Thanks to Leslie Peet for making this happen.

Coming soon in Atherton Hall: An interactive display of climate mitigations that all can participate in.  Look for a pair of flip charts and the Idea Box. Best responses will be published in the monthly FOCUS.

Composting for Countryside and congregants’ gardens.  Be part of regenerating the earth at Countryside and other gardens by signing up to gather leaves, small branches and grass clippings for an expanded number of compost bins and to regularly churn the contents.  Contact Dan Huntsha for further information.