Deep Ecology & Simple Living

January 2022

January always begs the question, “How can we make the new year better in some fundamental way?” Not surprisingly, some of us elders are drawn to the older life style models of simplicity and holism that invigorate the ecological movements of today because they seem to make sense than the old. Here are some that seem to speak to our current world events —


  • The web of life is interconnected and delicately balanced
  • All living beings have inherent worth (from microbe to man)
  • Earth systems protect, nourish, and balance all beings simultaneously
  • Balance in growth and decline is key to systemic health
  • Global imbalances promote global corrections
  • Supporting earth systems perpetuates all life

DEEP ECOLOGY benefits: Sense of purpose; connectedness; wholistic view

Principles of SIMPLE LIVING within the web of life:

  • Embrace minimalism as a voluntary lifestyle
  • Reduce possessions (need inspiration? — QUORA lists of 100 essential things)
  • Cultivate contentment and gratitude daily as a spiritual exercise
  • Eat a fresh, whole foods, locally sourced, and plant rich diet
  • Walk or cycle before driving; drive before flying
  • Repair and refurbish over buying new
  • Say No to roads that promise great material wealth or power over others
  • Seek wealth in personal growth and in loving relationship to others and to the natural world

SIMPLE LIVING benefits: spirituality, health, quality time, work/life balance, frugality, philanthropy, sustainability