We are glad to have you join us on Sunday mornings!

Below is an overview of the classes we offer for the 2017-18 school year for infants through grade 12. 

Please contact Jules at DLRE@ccuu.org for more information.


Nursery (Infants to age 2)
Every Sunday (except Christmas & New Year’s Day), childcare is provided for infants and toddlers during the worship services. We have professional childcare providers who work with a team of dedicated volunteers to provide a safe and nurturing experience for our youngest members.


Chalice Children (ages 2-4) – 9:00 & 11:00 in room # 7
Chalice Children encourages self-awareness and teaches UU values with stories and celebrations from around the world. We encourage our youngest learners to make a connection to our UU 7 Rainbow Principles through stories, music, movement, and art. Children begin building friendships with one another and celebrate learning all year round.


Spirit Play (Kdgtn-grade 1) – 11:00 in room # 9/10
Spirit Play is based on a popular Montessori-inspired program using story, movement, and art to give children a “toolkit” to help them explore the wonder and mystery of life, guided by our UU rainbow principles and sources. This year, our stories will focus on people whose lives remind us to be kind and fair. Centers include Head, Heart, and Hand with theme-based activities to support individual learning styles.


Hogwarts Unitarian Universalism (Grades 2-4 and 5-6) – 11:00 in room # 1 & 2
A Harry Potter program based in hope, peace, faith, and love – all found in our Seven Principles. We will experiment with practical “magic” and how to stand in defense against the dark arts of hatred, poverty, and abuse of any kind – shedding light on justice and compassion. Young people learn about the values of diversity, honoring the worth of all beings, the power of love, the importance of community, how to work toward the goal of a peaceful world with justice for all, the right of conscience, and how to show a deep respect for the interdependent web of life.


Popcorn Theology Too (Junior High Youth Group) – 11:00 in room # 6
This curriculum extends the concept and popularity of movie night to explore issues of theology and ethics for Unitarian Universalists. Each session encourages youth to look deeply at their Unitarian Universalist faith within the context of what they value in life, how to make difficult decisions, living a meaningful life, racial justice, and standing up (in body or spirit) for what they believe.


Soul Matters (Senior High Youth Group) – 11:00 in room # 5
Sr High Youth will share in community, fellowship, and love. They are involved in many youth activities throughout the year in our local area and beyond. They engage in social justice work and are a vital part of our faith community. On Sunday mornings, they will also take a closer look at UU Soul Matters, a theme-based curriculum, to better understand themselves in the context of Unitarian Universalism.