Countryside Church (CCUU) is a not for profit corporation owned and run democratically by its members. The congregation calls Minister(s), establishes an annual budget, but delegates much of the operational responsibilities to a Board of Trustees and supporting committees. The Board hires staff and empowers committees to see to much of the operational work of the church in areas such as membership, finances, and facilities.

Lisa Vanderbleek
E mail: RE.Assistant [at] ccuu [dot] org

Lisa joined our staff team in April 2015 on a half-time basis. A Chicago native, Lisa has volunteered and actively served on committees for Lincoln Prairie School, Beth Tikvah Congregation, Schaumburg High School, and numerous other community organizations. Her favorite experiences are those in the schools where she has worked with youth of all ages and in planning events and service opportunities that serve to build community relationships.

Lisa and her husband live in Schaumburg with their youngest son, who is a sophomore in high school. Their two older children are in college and graduate school. Lisa says she has been fortunate to have the best job in the world – full time mom to three kids, two dogs, and a multitude of other small creatures.She has a deep love for animals and Mother Earth. She has a particular fondness for BBC dramas and camping, and enjoys spontaneous cross-country road trips with her family. Her long-term goal is to move out West and become a volunteer park ranger, but for now she is happy to be joining the CCUU team!

Board of Trustees: July 2016 – June 2017

  • President: Karen Noorani, prez [at] ccuu [dot] org
  • President-elect: Christine Organ
  • Vice President: Sheryl Skifstad
  • Secretary: Matt Briddell
  • Treasurer: Mary Johnson
  • Trustee: Michael Berry
  • Trustee: Alan Greenland
  • Trustee: Kristin Huston
  • Trustee: Jeanie Michalec
  • Trustee: Joy Simon