Jenkin Lloyd Jones

When: 7/30/2017 at 10:00 am| Worship Leader: Mark Huston

Join us for another of Mark Huston’s renowned portrayals of a figure from Unitarian Universalist history.  Jenkin Lloyd Jones (November 14, 1843-September 12, 1918), a pioneering Unitarian minister, missionary, educator, and journalist, expanded the ranks of midwestern Unitarians and built up much of the structure of the Western Unitarian Conference. He founded a major program church in Chicago, All Souls, together with its associated community outreach organization, the Abraham Lincoln Centre. A radical theist, he tried to move Unitarianism away from a Christian focus towards non-sectarian engagement with world religion. Later in life, during a time of popular enthusiasm for war, he was a prominent pacifist.

Summer Children’s Fellowship will be held in classroom 9/10 simultaneously with the worship service.

NOTE: Our One-Service Schedule begins the 3rd Sunday in May and continues through Sept 10 (the Sunday after Labor Day), with one worship service and religious education program at 10:00 am.