Spiritual Journeys Service

When: 7/23/2017 at 10:00 am| Worship Leader: Christine Organ
Spiritual Journeys services are offered three to four times each year and are opportunities for us to hear the spiritual journey stories of congregation members. This service, we will hear from Pratik Mamtora and Michelle & Chris Hitchcock.

Share the Plate: Half of the cash collected in the offering will be donated to RefugeeOne, a refugee resettlement agency that provides a full range of services to refugees resettled in the Chicago area. Its primary focus is to assist the refugee in becoming self-supporting and independent.

Summer Children’s Fellowship will be held in classroom 9/10 simultaneously with the worship service.

NOTE: Our One-Service Schedule begins the 3rd Sunday in May and continues through Labor Day, with one worship service and religious education program at 10:00 am.