Our Hearts are with Florida
We are rocked and stunned by yet another mass shooting. Florida is far away, yet, in compassion, these deaths touch us deeply. Florida is far away, but the violence of this event shakes us right where we live.
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Come in Peace, Discover Community

Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist is a house where compassion is our practice. Whatever your identity, means, ability, or path to us has been, you are welcome here.

Come Experience Our Spirit

And Share Your Spirit With Us

Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist is a religious community that embraces and encourages a diverse membership that spans all age groups, origins of faith tradition, and an array of ethnic, political and economic experiences. Our faith tradition is diverse and inclusive.

If you…

… yearn for a place where you are free to explore and grow your mind and spirit, come to Countryside.

… seek a space where ethics and compassion are more important than dogma, come to Countryside.  

…  thrive on spiritual diversity, come to Countryside.

… look beyond any words to the spirit infused in them, come to Countryside.

… long for companions with whom to serve humanity and this world, come to Countryside.

At Countryside you will find this and more!

Here we embrace our differences, are united in the belief that each person’s unique spiritual path enriches our shared journey as a faith community, and that a strong thread of humanity brings us closer in unity.

We welcome you to a community of spirited and nurturing folk gathered together in this faith:

  • that the sacred is ever revealed in the ordinary,
  • that we are all – every living thing – kin to one another,
  • that our fates and future are completely connected,
  • that the power of thought joined to the power of love, is our greatest hope,
  • and that these powers are infinite, awesome, and available to us as soon as we open our minds and hearts.

Countryside Church Covenant:

We unite to strengthen the bonds of kinship among all persons, to promote human dignity, and to increase reverence for life’s creating, sustaining, and transforming power through worship, study, and service.